Downpipe Bmw 428i F32 N20
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Downpipe Bmw 428i F32 N20

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Downpipe Bmw 428i F32 engine N20

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Downpipe Bmw 428i F32 with engine N20

Downpipe decat for Bmw:

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ApplicazioniAnni di
BMW Z4 sDrive18i E8903/2013-06/2016
BMW 220i F22/F2303/2014-06/2016
BMW 320i F30/F3104/2012-05/2015
BMW 320i GT F3404/2013-06/2016
BMW 420i/420i xDrive F32/F3602/2014-03/2016
BMW 520i F10/F1110/2011-01/2017
BMW Z4 sDrive20i E8909/2011-06/2016
BMW X1 sDrive20i/xDrive20i09/2011-06/20151
BMW X3 xDrive20i09/2011-08/20171
BMW X4 xDrive20i F2606/2014-03/2018
BMW 125i F2003/2012-08/2016
BMW 125i F2106/2012-08/2016
BMW 228i F2209/2014-06/2016
BMW 328i F30/F3102/2012-05/2015
BMW 328i GT F3404/2013-06/2016
BMW 428i F3209/2013-03/2016
BMW 528i F10/F1110/2011-01/2017
BMW Z4 sDrive28i E8909/2011-06/20161
BMW X1 xDrive28i03/2011-06/20151
BMW X3 xDrive28i09/2011-08/20171
BMW X4 xDrive28i F2606/2014-03/2018

Compatible with N20

The downpipe (also called the decatalizer) is a fitting that fits between the turbine and the exhaust.

To obtain better performance it is essential to replace the original catalyst with a sports car that allows a better flow of exhaust gases with a whole series of advantages that you can see below.

If you have mapped the ECU, the downpipe is a highly recommended component to get even more power from your engine without further stressing it.

In fact, with the open downpipe, even without increasing the turbine or injector pressure, a natural increase in power is obtained up to 5/6% more.

If the car is remapped, this increase is even more remarkable and helps to achieve maximum performance after the ECU is remapped or after the installation of a larger turbine.


The advantages of ours Downpipe (decat):

Mounting a InoxPower downpipe allows you to obtain numerous advantages in addition to increasing power and torque, such as a better throttle response, since the exhaust gases flow out much more quickly as they are not blocked by the catalyst that suffocates the passage.

This also allows the turbine to overheat less, guaranteeing a lower temperature of the exhaust gases which, flowing more quickly, concentrate less close to the turbocharger, also decreasing the back pressure.

Last but not least, the free downpipe ensures an incredible sound that becomes darker and more aggressive than the original system.

The original catalyst absorbs the sounds, also having the function of silencer and the installation of the downpipe ensures a clear improvement in the sound of your car even with the rest of the original exhaust.

To summarize, by mounting the downpipe you will get:

- better performance

- quicker engine response

- sound racing

- reduction of the turbo temperature

The downpipe EVO-RACE you buy up they are made of AISI 304 steel with TIG welding and brushed finish, to guarantee a perfect and aesthetically pleasing result. They are simple to mount designed to fit with the original OEM system (always check before buying if the Downpipe is compatible. Please note: the version of car we are considering may differ in the details and in the exhaust system.) or with the aftermarket exhaust. Not approved for road use, we decline all responsibility for improper use on public roads.