Does modifying your bmw void the warranty?

Find out in this article

modificare la tua bmw fa ecadere la garanzia

Certainly a hot topic.

Many have the absolute fear of even changing a light bulb for fear of losing the warranty. Others, on the other hand, buy 14,000 euros for accessories even before the car is delivered to them.

They are two extreme worlds, but let's try to balance it and have a correct idea.

We assume that the guarantee is always a nuisance, those who have found themselves having to face a guarantee request with the most diverse car manufacturers have often had to deal with a rubber wall.

Stating your reasons is already complex with the original car, let alone with a modified one!

In general, therefore, the guarantee lapses with certain modifications.

But, of course, there are limits.

If you change brake pads, the warranty does not lapse on the engine! But it could be cause for discussion if you have brake problems.

If you change alloy wheels you don't lose the paint warranty, but you could argue with the dealer if you have suspension problems.

If you mount an aftermarket Downpipe and you have engine problems I already tell you that 99.9% blame for any problems will be attributed to that non-original component, poor man, he's not to blame!

How to avoid losing your warranty

You certainly cannot wait 5 years for the warranty to expire before installing the Inoxpower downpipe on your BMW.

So the solution is simple. Expect to disassemble it in case of problems.

By keeping the original downpipe you can restore the car to factory conditions. By itself, the downpipe cannot create problems for the car.

But he can still be accused (without motivation) of having caused it and therefore used as a scapegoat.

This solution is also useful in case of sale of the car, or if you have to put the car back on the road to circulate regularly in case you have fitted a 100% free downpipe (not the 200 cells).

Reassembling the stock downpipe you return to the "basic" settings.

Doing so is quite simple, some even mount it in the garage.

But you still have a problem ... or the control unit.

By installing the downpipe you have to revise the control unit.

If you have made a map in a center it becomes difficult or expensive to return to the previous step, and then return to the step with downpipe again.

For this problem we have been adopting this solution for years (CLIck here for the see)

It is a control unit that you can manage freely and which has the advantage of being disassembled when servicing or in case of warranty problems.

As the machine returns to its original condition as soon as the control unit is removed.

Due to its features and functions we are sure to recommend this engine control unit for your BMW, which has been built around the world for over 12 years.

Now that you know the solution you just have to CHOOSE THE INOXPOWER DOWNPIPE FOR YOUR BMW