We make 100% stainless steel downpipe for BMW sports cars.

If you're ready to unleash more power in your  turbo car, then it's time to invest in a downpipe. 

The downpipe is a key component in obtaining maximum power with a significant increase in cavalry in turbocharged vehicles. 

It is worth investing in a downpipe for its increased maximum power as it alters your riding experience and takes it to the next level. Here's what you need to know.

First, what is a downpipe and how does it work?

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On a turbocharged vehicle, a downpipe is the part of the exhaust system pipe that connects the turbo outlet to the rest of the exhaust system, usually the stock downpipe inside has a catalytic converter. 

If the shape and flow of this section of the tube are improved, the turbo will be able to deliver a little more power being free to vent faster by extracting a little more power from the exhaust at maximum rpm.

Not all after-market downpipes improve performance.

A careful study of the flows is needed to be able to obtain the best performance.

The best reason to buy a downpipe is that the performance gain is evident over a wide engine rpm range. 

Generally installing a downpipe will add around 15 to 30 horsepower (engine dependnt), this gain is evident whenever the turbo is active. 

For years, Inox Power has only been producing downpipes for competitions

Now that it is clear what a downpipe is and what it is for, let me tell you a little about us.

Since turbo-petrol cars have reappeared, the demand for sporty downpipes has skyrocketed.

Most of the products on the market are made without any study behind them, the measurements of the original connections and the position of the brackets are taken and the tube is replicated.

When the catalyst is eliminated, it is also necessary to intervene on the dynamics of the flows to be sure that the engine maintains an excellent yield and does not lose performance or create gaps or delivery holes.

For these we have specialized in the realization of this very important element.

Our downpipes are the most used in circuits, both directly with our brand and with third party brands, producing this accessory for many companies in the sector.