Do you want to increase the power of your bmw?

Find out how through the downpipe
The downpipe is a fundamental element of the exhaust system that allows to obtain an increase in engine power quickly and safely.

As we have seen in detail in THIS ARTICLE the downpipe allows the engine of yours BMW 

to deliver more power.

But like all things, it is always necessary to deepen the subject.

Fitting just any downpipe doesn't guarantee you will get power increases. You could in fact find yourself with power drops, or delivery gaps, for example at low revs, with the car having "gaps" at low revs.

This is due to the fact that not all downpipes are the same.

Let me explain better ...

Comparison of downpipes

aumentare potenza bmw

The image you see above is a clear comparison between 2 downpipes. Ours, the most expensive and a generic discount downpipe from 145 euros.

The first difference is the price, ours costs well more than double!

Already this thing should make you think ... Almost 250 euros more difference ... if you are wondering why this difference is easy to say. You are buying two different products ...

As if you were comparing your BMW with a Fiat Croma, the only similarity is that they all have 4 wheels.

We have already seen and written the exact reasons in our guides (you can then find them in detail by reading them), the quick answer instead is the following:

The InoxPower downpipe costs more expensive for these 3 reasons.

- It is made entirely of stainless steel
- It is 100% compatible not only with the engine, but also with the car model
- It is designed to improve performance

And on this last aspect I want to focus because the article talks about how to improve and increase the power of your BMW.

They all look the same

Apparently, since no one explains it to you, downpipes all look the same, but that's not the case.

The geometries are different, consequently, even if to an inexperienced eye it may not immediately jump out, there are differences that make one downpipe have a better performance than another, or rather, allow the engine to have a performance improve.

Better performance means more power, more horsepower and torque and therefore better performance.

If we take the same image as before, you will notice some differences.

Even if the photo was not taken in the same position, you immediately notice how the final part of the two downpipes is different.

This difference visible to the naked eye (some are less evident) generates a different flow of exhaust gases and consequently a variation in the power delivered by the engine.

On the surface it may seem like a trivial difference, but it is a noticeable difference while driving.

Now I ask you, is it worth saving 250 euros and finding yourself on your BMW, which maybe is worth 70 or 80,000 euros, a downpipe that will be disassembled and replaced with another model due to the drop in performance?

Specialized in bmw

Have you noticed that on our site you can only find downpipes for BMW (almost all turbo-petrol)?

It is no coincidence ... and it is not even because we did not want to work ...

The reason is much simpler.

Making a downpipe that works costs time and money. We make this product for 6 propulsion units.

SIX (6) not 50.

Manufacturers that have hundreds of thousands of euros in research and development are struggling to design exhaust systems and engines.

Now ask yourself how aftermarket exhaust manufacturers make thousands of products for every type of vehicle!

There are two cases: either they are billions and can afford to spend every amount on research and development, or they make components by cloning the original plant, without carrying out any tests.

Because on the other hand it is obvious, between an original "plugged" downpipe and a free one the performances change, no test is needed, the CVs you get at the table.

The problem is that you might end up with less power than you might get, or you might get a "dirty" delivery.

Unfortunately, there are many products on the market that "do just fine" and few that really work and perform.

The downpipe is one of them.

You can decide whether to save a handful of euros and get a discount product, or spend a little more on your new BMW and fit the best downpipe for your engine.

If you want to get the most power and a more linear delivery, the right choice is the