Bmw chip tuning ECU

Fitting the downpipe requires an adjustment of the ECU map. In this article we will tell you about the control unit that we recommend.

A reliable and professional product, which perfectly matches our downpipes, to solve the problem.

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Because we recommend the JB4 Burger Motorsport control unit

Burger Motorsports is the manufacturer of the famous JB4 ECU. Since 2007 they have been making additional control units that "rework" the data of the original control unit.

We have always installed this control unit in 90% of cases on the cars we tested and the results have always been excellent.

In terms of performance and management, this control unit is one of the best products you can find on the market.

What is JB4?

JB4 is a plug and play additional control unit available for BMW with turbocharged engines.

The JB4 ECU is installed between your car's sensors and its ECU (original ECU) going to manipulate the performance of the vehicle through these connections.

This way you can make your BMW much faster.

While it's not the only system that works this way, the JB4 sets itself apart from the competition with far more advanced connection and processing points including CANbus, fuel and spark control, bluetooth for your smartphone, and a variety of innovative features and advanced.

In addition to this, BMS regularly publishes free maps and firmware updates which add performance and functionality based on ongoing development.

Additionally, the JB4 system is not bound to your vehicle's VIN and can be quickly removed and swapped between cars or resold at a later time.

A PROFESSIONAL additional control unit

Different opinions and different versions of additional control units, that's why….

Maybe you too will have doubts about the additional control units. And you do well, because most of the additional control units are a waste of money and are even deleterious.

A traditional add-on module uses a processor, because it is necessary to start attenuating the signal only from a certain threshold (volts) and cut the same attenuation beyond another threshold.

In practical terms, this means starting "Modulation" when it is more appropriate to do so, for example not with the engine stopped at idle to avoid irregular idling problems; at high revs, on the other hand, cut the modulation gradually to avoid overpressure which can send the ECU into Recovery mode.

Technically all this means that the signal should be attenuated after 1.15 volts and then gradually cut towards about 4 volts.

Basically the module allows you to get the maximum Rail pressure where your car and the ECU can tolerate it.

With this type of processing it will never be possible to exploit all the potential that a good remapping can offer.

But there is an alternative that is equivalent to mapping, namely the JB4 control unit.

The Jb4 control unit is not a simple additional module, but a real control unit that gives you the possibility to decide what to do, also allowing you to load a customized map.

It is a high-level professional tool that leaves maximum freedom of use.

What can you get

With the Jb4 module you have total control of engine performance.

The advantages of this control unit are innumerable.

First you need to know that you have 7 maps to select (even on the move).

Map 0: JB4 disabled, stock performance
Map 1: Increase the pressure by 4psi
Map 2: Increase the pressure by 6psi, ideal if you mount the Downpipe for example.
Map 3: Progressive Sports Map that eliminates dispensing holes.
Map 4: Standard performance but JB4 active, allows you to collect data and analyze them to prepare a map
Map 5: Self adaptive racing map, increases the pressure from 11 to 17psi, ideal for intense preparations.
Map 6: Empty map, you can load it by entering the various parameters.
Map 7: Race Gas Map. Increase the pressure up to 18.5psi. For extreme preparation.

As you can see inside the control unit you already have a series of maps loaded, but using map 6 you can decide to manage the engine as you wish, setting the parameters according to the needs of the engine.

The JB4 also allows you to extrapolate data from the engine.

In addition to this, it allows you to manage other parameters, and I'll tell you about two examples.

The first is that you can decide to always keep the drain valve open, by controlling the opening and closing directly from the Jb4.

In addition to this (and many other functions) you can also read and clear OBD errors.

This is an advantage, because when you mount the downpipe the engine warning light will come on. But with the JB4 this does not happen.

For this we recommend the JB4 control unit, because it is perfectly compatible with our Downpipes.

By buying the control unit and Downpipe you can install everything directly, without going to the workshop and running out of a car.

Installation is quick and easy.

Another advantage of this control unit is that you can disassemble it at the time of servicing or in case of problems under warranty.

As the machine returns to its original condition as soon as the control unit is removed.

Due to its features and functions we are sure to recommend this engine control unit for your BMW, which has been built around the world for over 12 years.

How to buy it?

It's very simple, by clicking on the button below you can go to see the correct ECU for your Bmw model directly on the manufacturer's website.

Once you have selected the model you can buy it directly. Burger motorsport delivers worldwide. Shipping times are human (about 10/15 days) and thanks to the euro dollar exchange you save a little bit.

Trust me, the effort and the wait will be worth it ... you will be thrilled with this unit.